Laying The Foundation


We begin our process with an onsite meeting, this is where the foundation is laid. We discuss the outcome the homeowner desires and how they envision the project to be completed. After a site analysis and hearing the homeowner’s vision we do a property walk through to get a feel for the lay out and flow of the area.

At this time we will discuss a time frame for the design to be completed. We will also establish a design fee. Once the design fee is approved and paid in full we begin putting your plan into place.

Scope of Work


Once we have completed the discussed design, we review all aspects and the scope of work with the homeowners and present the scaled proposal.

During this phase all questions will be answered and any changes will be made accordingly.

Start to Finish


Once the proposal has been accepted, we will collect a deposit to secure your spot on our schedule.

We then order materials and discuss a timeline for the project to begin.

Before we break ground, we contact OUPS to make sure that all utilities are located.

Our team begins to then install the project based on the same scaled proposal that has been approved.

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