Pruning Compressed


Let Us Do The Hard Work For You!!!

One of the most common themes that people tell us when they want to design a landscape plan is low maintenance, and we get it.

Every homeowner wants a beautiful landscape, but pruning bushes and trees is not the way the typical homeowner foresees spending his or her weekend, especially as temperatures are rising.

At Elliott Land and Hardscaping, we make sure to discuss what pruning a property would include, and the best time of the year to take care of each plant. (When paired with weed removal we can create a custom maintenance plan for the year)

Another pain for homeowners is once you have the bushes pruned you have a mess to clean up. Now you have to not only clean that up but you have to find a way to discard it! We not only prune your bushes (and trees), we will make sure to clean up our mess and haul it away for you, something that is always included in our estimate—no surprise fees.