Built to Impress and Designed to Last


There is a special amount of creativity that you can play with in hardscape design, and when the right materials are used you can create a beautiful centerpiece for a backyard.

At Elliott Land and Hardscaping, we know the feeling when you step outside and feel like you have entered into your own oasis. Our goal is to bring that feeling to life for each of our customers. Whether you are creating a space to host parties, your own personal get away or even just a place to cook a meal. Our patios are designed with you in mind, and to create beautiful memories.

Like all of our projects we first meet with the customer and scope out the area that we will be working with. It is crucial to understand the layout of the land, how water flows, what kind of soil you have, what the patio will be used for, and what will be placed on it, to name a few things. Especially in our climate the amount of base used and runoff are all considerations that we make a priority to understand. At the end of the day we want to create a special place that you are as proud to show off 10 years from now as you were the day we installed it!