We take a very personal approach when it comes to designing any aspect of your landscape.


Understand the Client

Our first step is to qualify the project. During this phase we meet with the client and listen to their wants or needs. We take into consideration any potential problems or hindrances that we may run into during the project and make sure they are getting exactly what they expect.

Bringing ideas to life

Once we have an understanding of what the project will entail, and what is expected from the client we go to the drawing board and begin to bring it to life. We have computer assisted 2D and 3D drawing capabilities. We can show you what your property will look like from the day we install it, throughout the changing of seasons, to many years down the road. We can also create scaled hand drawings that give an overview of proposed improvements.

We make sure you know what you are getting into

After we have met with the client and created a design we then reconnect and discuss the landscapes opportunity. During this part of the process we go into detail about our thought process and how it ties into what the client is expecting. We also take time to answer any questions on material that will be used and selected, and offer advice on what to expect as far as maintenance and a proposed timeline for the project.